Monday, September 15, 2008

Posted by Almighty asam =)

Happy birthday muaks

Friday, September 12, 2008

It's Over

Feeling lame. (Well you can tell it's an angmoh, so it can't be me.)

And so it's over. 

I don't feel exhilarated though. The feeling is just lame. 

Long case was a breeze, and was told i did really well. Short cases was not as great but i guess it's good enough. 

But the anticipated emancipatory joy is just not there. 

I guess i did not feel vindicated. The long case was simple, too simple to feel satisfied for doing well, while my performance at the short cases was wanting*. 

Wanting simply because i had a high expectation. So don't get alarmed. 

The short cases were a ulcerated papilloma, adult polycystic kidney disease, hallux valgus, and a plain AXR showing gas under diaphragm. Apart from the hallux valgus, the other 2 weren't the run-of-the-mill cases that we frequently get examined on. 

All the templates of perfect approach and answers gone down the drain just like that. 

Why do we even bother with short cases? What does it tell about a student? 


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Absolutely Beautiful Song


I used to care so much about what others think about
Almost didn't have a thought of my own
The slightest remark would make me embark
On the journey of self doubt
But that was a while ago
This guy has got stronger
If I knew then what I know now
I would have told myself don't worry any longer it's OK

'cause a face without pimples is like a sky without stars
Why waste a second not loving who you are
Those little imperfections make you beautiful, lovable, valuable,
They show your personality inside your heart
Reflecting who you are

Who you are
Who you are
Who you are

I wondered if I could trade my body with somebody else in magazines
Would the whole world fall at my feet?
I felt unworthy and would blame my failures on the ugliness I could see
When the mirror looked at me
Sometimes I feel like the little girl who doesn't belong in her own world
But I'm getting better
And I'm reminding myself


Reflecting who you are
Reflecting who you are
Whoooooo whoa hmmmm oooooo



And so the theory papers are all over now. Now what's left is the make-it-or-break-it clinical examinations on friday, with a day of break before the final hurdle. 

The past 3 days have been good. So don't worry. I just hope i won't get cold feet before the clinicals. You know, once bitten, twice shy. 

It's rather weird to worry about exams. 

Nevermind, i shall take refuge in the knowledge that i have identified my weaknesses and had taken measures to improve on delivery. 

Time to go back to study. 

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Just for Laughs #10 - Lame

This could be me, if i was female, white, plump, and well-off (see the necklace and awesome kitchen). 

Just some random picture that resonated with my being. Haha. 

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just for Laughs #9 - East West Dissociation

* 3 days to finals! Woohoo!!

Been busy studying so didn't have much time posting new entries. But quite a few funny happenings transpired these few days. I will share one with you. 

Coming from the great Malaise-ia, the idea of referring to my location in Singapore as being in the west or in the east of the island was quite foreign. 

Rarely have i heard Malaise-ians saying they are staying in the east or west. Granted there are West and East Malaise-ia, and also West and East Coast, but when have you heard them being referred to in that manner? People proudly profess that they are from Kuching or Kuala Terengganu and so on.

So i can understand that some Malaise-ians CAN have difficulties associating with East/West. 

I am staying in Bukit Batok*, just north of the blue bubble on the map above which marks Jurong East MRT interchange. Bukit Batok MRT station is only one stop away. Going by the location of Bukit Batok relative to the island, that would put me in the west of the island. 

*No it's not a hill, and i don't see unusual concentration of coughing patients here. The only elevation in the island with lots of coughing TB patients is at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, which is at Novena, or the central of the island. 

But this is classic. 

Scenario: Reading a food blog and lamenting our poor fate of living in the west of the island where there is not much good makan place. The east of the island is where most of the population stays in, with a glut of better good food. 

CJ: Sighs too bad we are staying in the west. 

Someone*: West? 

CJ: Yeah we are staying in the west of the island. 

Someone*: Really? 

CJ: (eyes rolling) Yeaaahhhhhh.....

Someone*: But it's Jurong EAST!!! Why would they call it east if it's in the west?!!!

CJ: (falls behind, mouth frothing, face twitching, and legs kicking = seizure from disbelief)

*Someone = Steph aka Almighty.