Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Greatest Pet of All!

Was reading about Genevieve's cute dog when i recalled this particular joke about a pet

It was a sweltering afternoon in a non air-conditioned ward. 

We were all hovering over the patient's bed, listening intently. 

Our tutor was there for the supervised history taking. It was an exercise to prepare us for our medicine track long case in Finals. 

Pam, if i am not mistaken, was the one taking history from the affable Eurasian gentleman. He was rather pre-occupied with his papers initially.

'Sir, when did you first have this shortness of breath?' Pam asked earnestly, while scribbling down the presenting complaint on her notepad, which was improvised from a small ring folder that Dean's Office gave us. 

Something caught his attention. 

He put down the broadsheets that was The Straits Times. Straightening himself on the white bed, he nudged his bifocals gently up his high nosebridge. He proceeded to assess each of us behind the thick lenses. 

'Wow.' He exhaled. We looked at him puzzled. 

Surprisingly similar facial expression. The boy i mean

'These days the lady doctors are getting really pretty!' He exclaimed in joy.

He gawked unabashedly at my female colleagues. The ladies shifted their feets slightly, feeling queasy.

Waving at Naga, he beckoned, 'Hey, lady doctor, don't be shy, come closer here, I can't see you well from here.'

Naga was rather at loss of what to do next, then sheepishly she obliged and went standing next to the head of the bed. 

'Wah all the lady doctors are so pretty. It's really great to be a patient these days...' 

He looked completely mesmerized by the presence of young pretty student doctors, probably felt the same way i would in the company of Greek Goddesses

I know i know, she's not a Greek Goddess.

I swear Naga blushed. At the periphery of my vision, i could see the tutor's eyes rolling upwards, and shook his head unapprovingly. He was amused though. 

Time was ticking away.

We only had 15 minutes for this history taking exercise, after which we would proceed on to discuss on the physical examination, investigations and management principles. Plenty more to do. 

'Sir why don't we discuss more about your shortness of breath? When did it first started?' 

Pam was starting to worry about the lack of time. Usually we would have covered a lot more grounds by then.

Satisfied from having checked out the 3 ladies, he rewarded us with an unhindered account of how the symptoms developed and so on. We were most grateful for that. 

'Sir, do you keep any pets at home?' Pam was rounding up the portion about respiratory system.

'Yeah of course. I've kept her for the past many many years. Really good company she is.' 

He must have really adored his pet, for hints of affection were clearly evident.

It mellowed everyone in presence. 

'That's great. Is it a dog? How often do you bathe her? Does she sleep in your bedroom?' Pam blasted a flurry of questions, now that time was running short. She needed to take a comprehensive history to get a favourable assessment. 

'No no, i rarely bathe her, but we do share a bed,' he let slip a mischievous smile. 

Something was amiss. 

'She's my wife.' 

The small curl at the edge of his lips then graduated to a wide grin. 

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