Thursday, May 15, 2008

Prince Caspian

Blogging indeed is an incredible experience. The opportunities it offers are just immense.

I spent 2 days toiling continuously to write an entry for a blogging contest before coming back to Penang, inventing a superhero that blogs and accidentally dumped Mace Slammit in the sea(the quality of which did not justify the time spent, unfortunately).

Before long Nuffnang throws good stuff our way again. This time it's 2 tickets to the Gala Premiere of Prince Caspian on the coming Monday. Thanks Nuffnang!

I did not enjoy 'the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' that much. But i gather it probably just paled in comparison to 'Return of the King' of LOTR trilogy, which was still fresh in memory then. It certainly did not help to have a name that sounded slightly ridiculous.

But that was in year 2005.

After a slew of movies that flaunted high tech gadgetry recently, I yearn for a Fantasy movie which stimulates my imagination, and not just more of the same. Prince Caspian, a movie that is full of magical elements certainly will make a refreshing change. Petals taking a human form, and the water that roars to life. Damn cool.

And i can't wait to watch the battle scenes where hundreds of thousands of soldiers stand in perfect formations (that make little sense to me, but that's besides the point) across the plains, hurling boulders across incredible distance. It is just so, intense, so much so that I get goose bumps every time i watch the trailer.

The trailer looks rather convincing. I shall tell you guys how the movie turns out to be after Monday.

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