Sunday, May 25, 2008

Just for Laughs #4

Went to Clementi for groceries 2 days back with my Almighty. As we were waiting for another friend to arrive we decided to spend some time browsing at a bookshop above NTUC. 

'Hmm it's a lil bit too high ya, how can they expect kids to reach this button?' I was reaching for the button of the elevator.

'Hmm the button's a lil bit stiff as well.' Try as i might i could not press the button in. 'That's the problem with aging commercial centres', i mused to myself. 

Suddenly I felt somebody staring at me on my right, and instinctively i turned to meet that gaze. It was some random fellow shooting me this incredulous look. 

This guy's gonna need botox on his right-sided forehead soon. 

'What the hell? Did i not zip my flies or what?' But i never commit that mistake...

Then Almighty roared with laughters and hit my head. 'You are pressing on the indicator lah you idiot!' she giggled. 

No wonder the buttons were all so high up... 

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