Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Review: Prince Caspian

The prince that looks older than the other 4 kings and queens

*I try to keep spoilers to a minimum ya

I apologize for my extended hiatus from churning out new entries. I needed the break to assure myself that i haven't gotten addicted to blogging. There were no withdrawal symptoms, so all is well. 

The 2 free tickets with my lovely thumb

So i got the free tickets (thanks to Nuffnang) and went to watch the premiere with my Earthbound Almighty at Bugis Junction. You guys should try out the new Sakae Teppanyaki at the basement, its pretty awesome. We had chicken and turkey set lunch, but Steph especially liked the yakitori. But we had never eaten that much of teppanyaki so we didn't have much expectations to begin with. Anyway their set dinner is available from 11am to 10pm. Yes, you can have their set dinner for lunch. Amazing. 

I digressed.

The movie was a good one, with plenty of full of light-hearted humour. The script writers have done a good job, infusing the movie with plenty of witty lines that teased the audience into roars of laughters every other minute. 

This scene was a lil bit heart wrenching to watch. You will concur when you watch. 

It was children-friendly too as there was no excessive violence portrayed in the movie. It's a typical movie that parents will feel safe bringing their kids to watch. 

My favourite dwarf, with a crisp voice that belies his height. 

But if i had watched it when i was 7 years old, i might conclude that a sword is a lot safer than a pen-knife. You can plunge the whole thing into someone and not draw a single drop of blood. Wonderful. Mum will be proud of my observation.

The ultra cool Centaur, Glenstorm. I wonder where his lungs are... Human or horse torso? Or both?

The battle scene that i was eagerly anticipating turned out to be rather disappointing. 

You will find the army uninspiring when those in command are either adolescent, or short. 

The confrontation between the armies was hardly awe-inspiring. At times the Narnians even looked ridiculous as an army, especially when the crowd that pledged their allegiance to Prince Caspian could hardly fill up one small lecture theatre in the university...

Lucy is truly a delight to watch in the movie

That aside, Prince Caspian was a good movie, with plenty of enjoyment to be reaped. There was no shortage of entertaining creatures too, most notably Reepicheep, the noble mouse. He is singly the brightest star in Prince Caspian. 

Incredibly funny mouse, watch his antics, and indignation at Lucy calling him cute.

The expectation must be that of a fantasy for a family audience, lest you might be disappointed.

You know it's a family movie when the female lead is so homely

Come May 29, go enjoy the movie. Oh ya, Prince Caspian speaks in a weird accent. Haha.  

The Prince with an accent

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