Thursday, May 1, 2008


Worth-watching ya this movie. Nesa thought there was something lacking. I agreed too but we both couldn't really put a finger on what really was amiss. 

Anyway i had been waiting for this movie ever since the trailer was released many months back. It was so downright cool, and after watching 'Transformer' i really needed another fix of high-tech gadgetry fantasy. I don't know how evolution did it, but somehow men respond to gadgets. I wonder if our forefathers ever spent so much time fascinated by the different types of wooden clubs. Or was it bipedal car?

Prehistoric Gadgetry

Robert Downey Jr played a convincing Tony Sparks, especially in portraying his role as a rich playboy. However he really did not cut it as a genius inventor. I mean i have seen all the unbelievably smart guys in my class, but simply none of them are this suave... 

Anyway, the movie had a good balance of action and humour, while its attempt at romance appeared lacklustre. However the movie did succeed in captivating us from the beginning of the movie to the very end. 

I only had a few grudges. A few things just didn't make sense. 

Remember the scene where he blasted a tank with a small missile that was recessed in his forearm? There just wasn't any room between the armour and Robert Downey Jr, especially he was quite buffed up in the movie!

And the power module that fit in the chest? It was just preposterous! The unit was so thick that it must had been sitting on the atrium or would be causing outflow obstruction leading to secondary ventricular hypertrophy.... Anyway he couldn't have survived so long, not when there was such a big piece of prosthesis residing in him (infection, biofilm formation...), especially when everyone seemed to be removing it and putting it in without any aseptic technique! 

Haha the list goes on, but let's just watch it without thinking too much ya. That way we will enjoy the movie more, and the same probably goes for living our life too, i guess. A wild-eyed child at the movie probably gets more value out of his movie ticket than you or me.  

Talking about Superheroes, that reminds me of one of my Superman jokes. It's really lame, haha. 

Do you know how Superman defies gravity and fly? And what's his favourite food? 

Superman Fanclub Merchandise

He farts! But he is way better than us normal earthlings in farting, simply by the virtue of him being able to fart really a lot, and fart at a really high rate. Just like a balloon let loose!

The resultant high speed jet of fart propels him forward, and with great control over his anal sphincter he is able to fine tune the rate of the fart jet, enabling him to hover over ground. 

To make sure he has ample of gas to fart, his favourite food is fried onion ring from Burger King. 

Delicious and potent onion ring

Now i wonder how Lois Lane smelt felt in the romantic scene when Superman cradled her, hovering above the earth...

Don't know why the cape didn't flutter from fart jet though

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