Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mornings #2

The harbour viewed from my room, in the evening though

For once the weather was cool. I put the alarm to sleep and clambered out of the bed. Nesa was still snoring away. I would wake him up when i come back from shower later. 

I stared ahead blankly, letting my eyes getting used to the dim ambient light. I strolled down the aisle and opened the door, and greeted the lush greenery ahead of me. 

The morning breeze caressed me as i walked down the corridor. 

I hadn't seen the early morning sky for a very long time, and found the gentle hues of the sky incredibly pleasing. Stretching myself, i took a deep breath in, savouring the fresh scent of the woods. I would really miss KE* when i move out. The chatters of the insects, the aroma of morning dews wafting in, the endearing greenery, the abstract painted across the blue canvass overhanging the harbour...
*KE is my resident hall. King Edward VII Hall

That was the beauty of KE. 

I threw the door to the bathroom open, then i was jarred back to the cold hard reality.

What's a fridge doing in a bathroom? Someone is getting really creative at finding a dumpsite

It was just so out of place. 

But the ultimate has to be the single sock that was left sitting on the basin for half a year soaking all the grime and dirt and dirty bathroom jokes and of course not forgetting the cleaners' BO, it's really bad i assure you, solemnly watching us brush our teeth every morning and wash our hands every now and then. 

The cleaners somehow decided that the sock was perfectly appropriate on the basin all this while, and diligently cleaned areas everywhere around it. 

Somebody decided otherwise today though.

Yeah this is the lonely sock that accompanied everyone on E7 and E8 for the past half a year. Goodbye

Anyway i had a really tiring but fruitful day today. Non-stop action from 7am till 5.45pm. Thereafter, Rags, Nesa and I chomped down a family feast of KFC at Anchorpoint for dinner. Unfortunately Lydia was on call.  

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