Monday, May 5, 2008

Movies that We should Avoid Watching

We should all just avoid watching movie that dabbles in our area of expertise. 

A spy should never watch James Bond.

Likewise, anyone from the triads or mafias should just stay away from all those gangster movies.
And any self respecting ogre should never set foot in a cinema that screens the Shrek....

Awake is actually a captivating movie with a good twist of the plot, and enough of suspense to keep us going towards the end. The casts manage to pull off their roles convincingly too. 

Not to forget there are eye candies that cater for audience of both genders, such as Jessica Alba for the girls and Hayden Christensen for the guys.  

Okok i admit i am bullshitting. Jessica Alba was just drop dead gorgeous. 

Nesa did not agree though (He is not gay, if you wonder). He just thought that Jessica Alba's body only got it right at the proportions, but not the absolute 'quantum' of each attribute. Well well... 

Anyway back to my point about why we should never watch movie that concerns our profession, so to speak. Let's see what's wrong with these screenshots from the movie.  

The anaesthetist is injecting an induction agent (to induce a state of anaesthesia) into a port of a intravenous line

The actor was doing it without first occluding one side of the line! 

That way whatever he injects in will flow in BOTH directions, instead of going straight into the patient's bloodstream. A substantial amount of the drug will go upstream!

And the induction agent we use here in Singapore is milky white... 

ETT in-situ

We don't just leave the endotracheal tube (ETT) in such a precarious position. Usually we secure it with an adhesive tape around the tube and secure each end of the tape on each side of the upper lips. 

Heart transplant surgery. What you are seeing is the complete set of staff on duty for that operation. 

This Varick University Hospital is seriously understaffed, or the staffs are all superhumans. Heart transplant is a major operation, and therefore the need for support staffs is huge. It can easily be twice of what you see here. Not forgetting those medical students who are eager to observe... 

No surgeons would squat and lie back against the wall when in full sterile gown. He even rests the sterile sleeves against the not sterile pants. Tsk tsk. 

You know, we don't wear surgical gloves for fun. We wear them to protect the patient from risk of infection. Which is why you don't adjust your surgical magnifiers with your gloved-on hand. That totally defeats the purpose of wearing sterile gloves, isn't it?

You ask the student nurse or medical student to do it for you. Haha.

Jessica Alba putting on a sterile gown. 

What's wrong is that the nurse assisting her is not wearing a glove on her left hand (therefore is unsterile). The gown has to remain sterile.

I know Jessica Alba is way prettier with her hair down, but no one steps into the operating theatre without wearing a surgical cap. She is not wearing sterile gloves too. What's the point of wearing a sterile gown then? 

The conclusion that Nesa and I reached for the patient in the movie was, if he had not died from any foulplay during the operation, he would have died anyway from the pathetic level of infection/contamination control practiced in this operating theatre. Really sad guy huh. 

Quite embarassing for a Hollywood production that ran on a multimillion dollar budget. 

If only they have hired me. But then again lowly medical students like me are a dime a dozen in the States. 

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