Sunday, May 4, 2008

Seriously, what's wrong with the Government!

I was really outraged when i first read about this latest stunt from the Malaysian Government, from 5xmom's blog.  

And I thought the Government had learnt some lessons after experiencing the close shave in the disastrous March election. Sighs. 

As usual, it's just another knee-jerk reaction. The neural pathway of knee jerk reaction, like all deep tendon reflexes, does not pass through the brain. 

But what truly amazes me is the sheer number of brains that must have been bypassed, in all ranks of the Ministry of Foreign Affair. Tax-payers money gone up in smoke!

A solution like this is understandable if it comes from some mamak stall conversation, but from some high level government officials? 

Seriously, Malaysia can do better than this!

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