Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Sex Lives of Med Students

*The article was written in jest, and should not be taken too seriously. Relax, but laugh hard.

Was going through my emails when this Medscape article screamed for my attention. It's about the findings of a pilot study on the sexual prowess sex lives of medical students.

Intrigued, i read on, and my heart started pounding harder and harder. I almost wept for the entire profession of medicine. The sacrifice was just too great.

Read on, and you shall weep for us as well.

That means i have 4.29 times more impotent guy friends than the general public. Look at what sacrifices we male medical students have made...

Unfortunately, the girls did not fare any better.

63% is awfully high!

My heart aches for all the gentler sex. I know how much tougher medical education must be on you all now.

And i have heard from friends in medical schools all around the world that their female counterparts are always more hardworking. Staying behind in wards when the guys have went to chill in some cafe. Now we know the price being too hardworking exacts.

And it appears that plenty of them are sexually frustrated too. I hope you don't start getting any idea on female medical students...

And this...

Huh? I didn't know that was an option. Hmm... Maybe i should have studied in the States. Damn i should have known better...

And I have found my favourite medical journal too.

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