Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Age of Five

*probably of little value to you, more for chronicling than anything

Just finished these three books a few days back. 

One of my impulse purchases, but at least this time i called my brother and told him to share the cost before i splurged. He hasn't paid me though (yes i know you are reading, heh), but that's beside the point. 

Anyway it's Trudi Canavan's work and you can easily spot the semblance between the Age of Five series and her previous work (The Black Magician Trilogy). But that does not make the books any less exciting or more predictable. 

The gripping story revolves around Ithania, rather than Kyralia in The Black Magician Trilogy. 

It is called the Age of Five as opposed to the Age of Many. The War of the Gods in the past age killed every god but the last 5. The northern Kyralia worships the circle of 5 victors and calls themselves Circlian. I found it a ridiculous choice for a name, but i could easily overlook that soon enough. They even made the circle sign with both hands in greetings. 

The mysterious southern Ithania calls themselves Pentadrians, and worships 5 gods previously unknown to the North. An army is raised to conquer and convert the North to Pentadrian religion, led by their powerful Voices of the Gods who wield enormous power. 

The Whites, the Voice's northern counterpart, has to answer the call of war with armies assembled from their Alliance, but years of prosperity has lessened the number and weakened the will of their soldiers. And they do not have ferocious beasts such as Vorns (huge wolves) and the huge black birds to call upon. They will just have to make do with the Siyee, a fascinating new race capable of flight, created by the god Huan.

Facing a stronger enemy, they will have to rely on their latest member of the White, Auraya. Her strength, combined with the other Whites, will determine the victor of the clash, the first war in Ithania in centuries since the War of the Gods. 

Expect lots of elements of forbidden love, deceptions, betrayal, violence, gods and magics. It makes a really good read. 

Trudi Canavan's next novel will only come in 2009. 

For now i will have to be patient and wait till August, when Terry Brooks' latest installment of the Genesis of Shannara will be released. 

Until then, i have these to keep me happy.  

Thanks Ah Sir for the books! 

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