Saturday, May 3, 2008

Something Peculiar about Ladies

Nice painting, complete with dimples of Venus

It's laundry day again. Among the pile of dirty laundry was my bedsheets. 

'Don't use the front-loading machines ya,' commanded my almighty (earthbound tho). 'I don't like them,' she added. 

Yeah that's my almighty

But i wanted to use the front-loading ones, otherwise i won't be able to wash my bedsheets in 60 Celsius hot water. It's to get rid of the dust mites, for my asthma's sake. 

'But i need the hot water,' I argued. 

'You don't need the hot water la, the sun is so hot it will kill whatever bugs there are,' she concluded the argument.  

Another instance.

Spotted me carrying both bottles of detergent and softener, she said, ' Hey darling, put softener later la. Do it separately.'

'But there is a compartment for me to pour in the softener now...' 

Before i could finish explaining that the machine will only access the softener later, she cut me short, 'I don't like to use that compartment.' Her expression said that no further argument would make any difference. 

Feeling defeated, i obeyed my master's command, carrying the bottle of TOP detergent, walking dejectedly to the laundrette. 

I hope i am not looking into my future. I mean balding.... 

In both instances, i was doing the right thing, no?

Washing bedsheets in 60 degree celsius water is the recommended way to get rid of dust mites. Do it once every week. Every medical students in their clinical years would parrot that to you if you have a kid with asthma.  

As for the softener, the compartment is there for a reason, right? 

These two are not isolated instances of good reasons getting shot down by no reasons. Feelings override reasons. 

It really is a calamity that befalls mankind...

This trait appears especially prevalent in females, whether they have already ascended to bean  Earthbound Almighty (to someone) or not. My dad's Earthbound Almighty is not totally innocent in that respect as well. 

By Earthbound Almighty, i did not mean him ok?

Now tell me, does my observation have any merit? Or is it just a skewed interpretation from inadequate sampling? That there are just as many men who shoot down reasons with no reasons? 

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