Friday, May 2, 2008

5 Bedrooms

Weeks ago i had this 'interesting' telephone conversation with a housing agent. 

She had promised me a few days ago that she would contact the landlord of a 5 bedroom apartment in Clementi that was going for around SGD2.5k on my behalf. It was an extremely good deal for the price, especially when the unit was really close to the MRT station.

Keen to seize the place, Rags and Nesa bugged me constantly to call the agent. I relented and picked up my mobile. 

'Hi Ms Pat, I am Yeoh. How was the 5 bedroom flat in Clementi going? Has the owner agreed to us renting the place?' I was projecting so much interest in the unit that would win me the Most Gullible Promising New Tenant of the Year Award. 

'Er the Clementi one a bit too early you know, coz the tenants are moving out only in July. We can confirm again later la.' She sounded evasive on retrospect, rather inappropriate when i was overly keen that could be misconstrued for interest in her. 

'Oh that's fine. We can close the deal before the tenants move out. That way we can stop looking for other apartments.' I pressed.

'Like that ar. Clementi one a bit difficult leh. Actually i have another one in Redhill you know.' She steered the conversation the other way. 

'Really? Also 5 bedrooms?' I could not believe my luck. I must had woo-ed Lady Luck. Redhill was actually an even better place than Clementi, situating in the central of Singapore and in close proximity to most hospitals.

'Yeah just like the one in Clementi.' She mutterd. 

'Oh that's great. That way the 4 of us can take a room each.' I was so happy i tried to share my joy with her. I drifted off immediately thinking about the dynamics of Rags, Nesa, Lydia and I staying under one roof. I was wondering how we could all work towards maintaining the apartment spotless clean. Yes that was unfortunate but that was really my first concern. 

'Er.. It's just like the Clementi one lo, one dining hall, one living room, 3 rooms...' Her speech somehow picked up speed as she explained the rooms. Something was amiss. 

'I thought you said 5 bedrooms?' I interjected. 

'Yeah, its one dining hall, one living room, and 3 rooms...' She started mumbling again. 

'You mean one dining hall, one living room and 3 rooms are 5-bedroom?!' I questioned, incredulously.

'yeeaAAEHHHH!!!!!!!' She answered, without the slightest hint of embarassment. I can still hear her saying that vividly in her high-pitched voice whenever i recall the conversation.  

A slightly awkward silence loomed over us both, for around 5 seconds. 

'Oh...' I tapped on the table feeling bored, waiting for the seconds to tick away.  

'I can arrange for you to view the unit..' She was a real professional, but i was tired of all this bullshit. 

'Oh ok, let me talk to my friends first then i will confirm with you. Bye.' I hung up the phone abruptly. I hope she did not need a nose job. 

Wai Loon actually warned us before. Yong Sheng mentioned to him there was no 5 bedrooms apartment in the whole of Clementi, but we were too excited at the prospect of a 5 bedroom apartment in a neighbourhood that we were so familiar with, to actually pay real attention. Sighs. 

Watch out for unscrupulous housing agents too, would you? 

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