Tuesday, May 6, 2008

To Walk with RPK

(adapted from Malaysiakini)

I agree with Lilian, that it's more a symbolic gesture than anything. It's about how all of us are solidly behind RPK, to voice our solidarity with him.
It just pains me that another blogger of great calibre and integrity has been persecuted again, and for logics that, as usual, alludes us all. 

For the uninitiated, RPK is short for Raja Petra Kamaruddin, grandson of Raja Tun Uda (Penang's first Governor). RPK is the webmaster of popular news portal Malaysia Today, and is a influential orator who contributed immensely to the rise of the Opposition in the March Election. 

I have already banked in 1 USD to his paypal account. You can do so too. Details can be found at Malaysia Today.

More details at Rocky's Bru

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