Monday, April 21, 2008

When the Fat Lady Sings

The room is empty. 

Nesa is now at some ACLS seminar (Advanced Cardiac Life Support), probably getting quite bored at the lecturers ranting on and on about handling emergencies. Not that it's not important, but interesting lecturers (lectures well i mean; but if they look interesting that will do too, but won't be for long) are really hard to come by. I can even see Rags dozing off right under the nose of the lecturer. Heh. Either that or he is passing some crude, inappropriate but deviously funny remarks about the lecturer to Nesa and Pam and Lydia and Naga or some poor soul who has the misfortune to try his/her hardest stifling every giggle or snort that threatens to come loose. 

It feels so different, to be left out of action when everyone i have studied with is either attending some lectures to prepare for housemanship, or shadowing the housemen in the department that they soon will be working at. 

Yet here i am, sitting in the comfort of my room, listening to a potpourri of tunes, enduring the unpleasant but bearable heat, reading 'To Kill a Mockingbird'.

An excellent book no less, but something's missing here. 

A wounded US soldier in Iraq, left out of action. Fortunately i only have a psychological injury to mend

I long to be in action. I don't want to idle around. 

Some genie please take pity in me and send me two fan-holding Greek goddesses in their awesome yet unbelievably economical costumes, and an endless supply of grape. 

I know she's not a Greek Goddess, but this is what i mean ok?

Ah.... Cool gusts of air with each flutter of the fan, nice melodies from iTunes, and manicured fingers putting one fabulous grape after another into my mouth, not to mention the awesome SIGHT that i will be enjoying. I should ask for vintage red wine from the genie too. 

That will do for the moment... Except that i just have remembered what Rags told me last night, that all the Greek ladies he encountered in Athens were unbelievably fat, and unbelievably naked. Haha. 

When the Fat Lady Sings. (Can't put a naked pic here la, wait till i branch into adult blogs, hehe)

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