Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Where would You Jump to?

I have just watched this movie, after being delayed by my finals for many weeks.  

Jumper is one of those movies that captures your imagination. The Invisible Man is another such movie.  

While the movie is not spectacular, it did provide me decent entertainment as long as i watch mindlessly. However the imagination that runs wild after watching easily trumps the movie itself. 

Where will i jump to?

I asked myself the similar question after watching The Invisible Man. That answer was too easy, almost like a reflex arc. I would, as most other guys would, hehe. Let's just leave it as that. Sorry guys for incriminating all of you, but deep down under inside, we share the same anatomy that shortcircuits our brain right?  

So back to the question about where i want to jump to. 

David (Main guy, played by Hayden Christensen) wreaks havoc in the library each time he jumps there (first he flooded the place in water, and in the finale he brought a whole freaking apartment unit into the library with plenty of sea water too). I will be wayyyy more appreciative of the libraries that are as accessible as my bookshelves. Sweet. 

While flooding libraries doesn't really make him a criminal, this certainly is. 

How could that guy jump into a Japanese kitchen just to walk out like that!? Not even the courtesy to take a few bites of sushi or sashimi? What kind of jumper is that?!

I for a change will make sure i drop by the cold room to bring home each day fresh succulent salmon and tuna and yellow tail and scallops and squid, not forgetting some nice sake to wash it down too.... 

Life's a bliss that way. And every time hunger pang strikes, i can just jump to a Japanese restaurants with conveyor belt sushi. Jump in, grab a bite, and jump out. Simple as that, and with Japanese restaurants being so popular, i have restaurants in every timezone to choose from! Isn't that wonderful? 

Best still, I do not have to worry about renting a flat near any mrt station or at an accessible location. Any crap location will do. I can jump to work, and back to relax. No time lost in transit! 

No more bus, no more mrt, no more car, no more pollution, no more....

Now you have just gotten to know me a little bit better - bookworm, glutton, always hungry, hate to travel long distance, and incredibly mundane and boring too!

Now where would you jump to?

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