Friday, September 12, 2008

It's Over

Feeling lame. (Well you can tell it's an angmoh, so it can't be me.)

And so it's over. 

I don't feel exhilarated though. The feeling is just lame. 

Long case was a breeze, and was told i did really well. Short cases was not as great but i guess it's good enough. 

But the anticipated emancipatory joy is just not there. 

I guess i did not feel vindicated. The long case was simple, too simple to feel satisfied for doing well, while my performance at the short cases was wanting*. 

Wanting simply because i had a high expectation. So don't get alarmed. 

The short cases were a ulcerated papilloma, adult polycystic kidney disease, hallux valgus, and a plain AXR showing gas under diaphragm. Apart from the hallux valgus, the other 2 weren't the run-of-the-mill cases that we frequently get examined on. 

All the templates of perfect approach and answers gone down the drain just like that. 

Why do we even bother with short cases? What does it tell about a student? 


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