Monday, August 25, 2008

An Accident During Breakfast

Screenshot from Midwest Teen Sex Show, an online sex education show with a twist. 

What can happen when you eat a sandwich in front of your computer? 

No i didn't spill my drink on the keyboard. Imagine something more unlikely. 

You know what? I took one bite at my home-made sandwich, and the still runny egg yolk shot forth in a huge squirt, and landed squarely on my keyboard, running the entire length of that sleek white and aluminium darling of mine. Thank goodness it missed everything else. 

My heart skipped a beat. I remained stunned for some time, not knowing what to do. 

I never expect to be able to shoot that thick, viscous, proteinaceous fluid from between my mouth!

Luckily i had a silicone cover over my keyboard. Otherwise i guess i will be spending the rest of the day taking my keyboard apart and scrubbing it. 

I continued to devour my sandwich before i cleaned up the mess. 

Yellow c**shot on my keyboard. Eww...

Time to go back to read, and see more. I do hope my joke this time has been less subtle. 

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