Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Back From KL

*Can someone enlighten me on why i can't sign in to blogger.com using my home broadband, but can do so on my broadband-on-mobile account? (Hands up in air in frustration)

An excellent photo of Sunrise in KL, lifted from here

So my one day in KL became 2 full days. I had originally planned to come back on Monday, skipping only one day of school. But life always has a mind of its own, and loves to upset plans. 

The truth is - it's amazing how easy it was to throw hesitancy and guilt of skipping an extra day of school down the drain when i was having a good time there. 

Lesson: Guilt is not an absolute; how much it weighs really depends on the circumstances it lives in. 

More on KL tomorrow. 

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