Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Engrish, Armpit Hair and Apple

Just some random stuffs today.

I stumbled across some Engrish last few days. 


I can't understand why these established chain of restaurants, while minting money, can't be bothered to vet their Engrish properly. Mind you these places are almost impeccable in their other aspects of services which make these flaws all the more glaring. 

It's like seeing a gorgeous lady perfect in all respects, but does not shave arm pit hair. 

From where i plucked this photo from, this girl supposedly keep the armpit hair for revenge. I don't want to imagine what revenge it is. Eww

It is just heart-wrenching to see*. 

*This does not, in any way, represent my personal view on armpit hair ok? I am just stating the cultural norm, heh. 

While we are at it, check this funny korean prank. 

There's also this photo that Almighty dug up recently. It's about me!

Just as sweet, no?

Well, CJ is short for Chuen Jye which is supposed to be pronounced as Jun Jie. 

So if you eat an apple a day but worry that it will keep me away, buy this brand of apple. Then you will have both!

Ok i am being lame. 

Now i shall go back to cursing someone's soft palate that simply vibrates too much. 


alaina said...

LOl....I admit, the girl is really pretty but the armpit with hair is....ewwww. HAhahahaha what the? Anyways we don't what was the girl thinks about her armpit hair but if I were her. I will surely have it permanent hair removal. Removing it permanently is the first I would do. And with the help of this remover things will turn out well.

alaina said...
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lancebillie said...

I suggest you to try this waxing products. This is the common way of removing hair.

underarm wetness said...

hehe that is an amaising armpit hait :))

James King said...

I laugh and laugh when I see the picture. I was seriously reading the first part of the post and suddenly i camed up to the girl image with a hair in her armpit. I realized that girl should have a permanent hair removal so that it will completely free for unwanted hair. LOL

Julia said...

The perfect look of this gorgeous lady is ruined by her underarm hair....maybe she got sick of shaving or waxing and she prepares for a laser hair removal treatment.

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