Saturday, August 30, 2008

Another Accident During Breakfast

I survived an explosion. 

Yes, right here in Singapore. You may think it is such a safe country, but no one is safe from unexpected turns of events. 

Impermanence of life, so Buddha taught...


The aftermath was absolutely gory, with remains of an organic being strewn all over the place. 

My ears were still ringing from the deafening blast hours later; my heart still beating fast from the horrible experience. 

I am safe though, don't worry. Unharmed. Unscathed. 

(yeah i am making you scroll)

I did not lie. Egg is organic, isn't it? *

I will learn from the experience, and will not meddle lightly with weapons of cookery from now on. 

The poached egg gadget bought from Daiso is such a bitch to use. Or it could just be me. 

Likely the latter. 

*Disclaimer: I did not char the top of the oven. Not ME! But there's a lesson to be learnt. Do not cook cup noodle in microwave. You are supposed to pour hot water in. If you have to microwave it, remove the paper/aluminium foil lid too, please...

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