Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Will Never Look At Deodorant The Same Way Again

I have seen many similar XRs before but little did i suspect one day i will have the fortune of seeing one myself.

So far, i notice a unifying theme in their presentations.

It's usually a fall landing on buttock.
Somehow there's a cylindrical object of considerable girth that happens to be sitting upright on the floor at the point just where the anus will eventually end up at.
Somehow the cylinder stays resolutely still in the face of a crashing asshole, rather than tumbling aside as i would expect.
Somehow the cylinder has such a smooth entry into the rectum that there's absolutely no evidence of external injuries/tear around the abovementioned orifice. I mean, we are all a bunch of tight ass-ed people aren't we?
And sometimes, somehow, after retrieval of the object, there's a condom sitting over the top of the cylinder that the patient conveniently forgets to tell you about.

Come on, just tell us upfront what you were up to. The cylinder may look like a rocket, but it definitely isn't a rocket science to figure out.

Honesty is the best policy. My sympathy takes a free fall down the vertical cliff the moment you try to convince me of the plausibility of the above Somehows.

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