Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Random #1

Time and again i will log into this blog and reminisce about the days that i was actively churning out posts.

I love writing, love letting ideas flow effortlessly from my mind to my fingers typing frantically away at the keyboard. The rhythmic clicking of my keyboard now kinda excites me.

Recently i have been thinking about resuming writing here more and more.

It strikes me hardest when i was returning from Penang after my brief Chinese New Year holiday. The moment i boarded the plane, looking at the plastic smile pasted over the cabin crew faces, i was awashed with emotions. For the umpteenth time i am leaving Penang, i still feel the reluctance. I want to put these feelings into words, immortalising it, so that one day i can return and read what i felt, checking it against what lingers on in my memory.

We forget all the time. We whitewash our past since we were first born. It's our inherent nature.

I want to remember today as it is, and be able to relive the moments from my writings.

I guess this qualify as an emo post. Haha. It's almost 2am now and i am having insomnia.

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