Thursday, June 5, 2008


*An entry for the medical people

'Eh, you mean by looking at the fingers you can tell whether the person had been clubbing ar?'
'I also go clubbing a lot, will my fingers become like his too?!' 

Not this exciting, but definitely more lasting


Actually when i first started clinical years i am guilty of mistaking finger clubbing as THAT clubbing. You know, being young and ignorant...

Anyway, i came across an interesting article from Malaysian Medical Resources this evening, that some Leeds researchers have finally found the pathophysiology of clubbing. No more mere hypothesis after 2000 years since Hippocrates' time (supposedly)!

 (taken from Medical News Today)

Go on and read the full article, and don't forget to memorise both PGE2 and 15-HPGD. You will need that to impress your colleagues. 

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