Thursday, June 12, 2008

Just for Laughs #7 (The Unintentional Perverse by Malaysian Airlines)

For the past few days i haven't been able to focus on the news while reading The Star Online. 

My attention wavers every few seconds from the news item. It's getting really frustrated. 

It's something about the Malaysian Airlines. 

The crews waiting anxiously in their sometimes overly tight uniform. 

Something about Brisbane. 

Brisbane is one great place to be in. I love the weather there. (lifted from here)

Something about Safari. 

There's something very Singaporean about this picture... Ah.. They ACTUALLY queue. Oi hurry up!

Just across the causeway. 
(Anyway this is a record breaking Irish setter by giving birth to 16 puppies. A much meaningful feat than making teh tarik in the space. Read here.)

Something keeps... distracting me on my screen. It's just plain perverse. 

Gosh look at the dolphin's eye. I swear it looks dreamy!

I had been there. But I didn't get to do this go Dolphin Safari.

But these guys seem to know Brisbane really well. 

That explains the glee. Woohoo! 

(If you are getting wet in Brisbane, go visit this website. Did i say wet? I meant wed. Getting old these days)

Now when are you going to Brisbane?

Or you rather go here? 

Disclaimer: I am straight. Even though I am staying in a double room with a muscular Indian hunk. Hi Nesa. haha

Thanks for the flash of doubt ya. 

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