Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Last Night

* Be warned. Possibly the most boring and jumbled up post. Blogging from my skeletal new room, using internet connection that is shared from my mobile at 260 kbps. 

** Just don't read. Damn boring. 

I really miss the view outside my window in KE. Now i get lots and lots of HDB instead of trees. 

--- A post i typed 2 nights ago but never got time to finish it up ---

Door tag made by the Block Committee. Good effort, but under-utilised by boring people like me. 

Have been feeling rather depressed for the past few days. It's 3.23 am now and i still can't sleep. 

As evidenced by a week's worth of dust on my speakers.

I have even neglected my routine weekly 'spring' cleaning. That's highly unusual, as all my close friends would gladly bitch about it tell you about my obsessive trait to clean (we call it OCD for obsessive compulsive disorder).

The level 8 that can only be accessed by staircase. No lift. 

I feel sad leaving this place. 

I have stayed in this room for the past 4 years. So many things have happened in the span of 4 years. (I stayed in Prince George's Park in my first year. Joined KE as a new senior)

Even gone bald once! Thanks to everyone who made Flag Day a big success 3 years ago. (Yes i was sunburnt too, from standing under the hot sun for too long on Rag Day)

*I pledged to shave bald if the hall residents under my leadership would manage to raise SGD 10000 on Flag Day. In the end 5 more guys joined me voluntarily to shave our heads bald. Haha. 

Previously KE Hall was raising just a few thousands every year, but our new Hall Master tasked me to do better than that. Well i am proud to say that we raised a tidy SGD 28000! And we have never looked back since, and the amount we raised kept going up and up. I hear this year they are trying to surpass SGD 90000!

The room silently witnessed my growth (character and abdominal girth, unfortunately).

My shoe boxes, one of it houses a pair of severely under-utilised running shoes. The badminton shoes too. 

It is also a witness to my many mistakes and unaccomplished ideals. 

As i leave the room, i shall bear in mind my blunders and shall never repeat them ever again. 


More random shots. Just for my own remembrance. 

It's messy. 

When i was in primary school, my favourite teacher taught us that the state of the wardrobe would tell us a lot about his/her personality. i have since strived to keep a tidy wardrobe. 

Random footwears. Don't ask me why i put them this way. I don't know.

The rubbish bins that are totally unpredictable in behaviour. 

No more collecting 20 cents coins to pay for dryer's usage. 

The piece of cloth i use to shield my computer from direct sunlight. 

No more walking down 2 stories to fill up my jug. 

No more annoying ants that would even go for water in my jug. 

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