Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Umbrella Ella ella, eh eh eh, eh eh eh

Yeah being young and broke really sucks. 

Saw an old frail lady trying to cross the neighbourhood street in small weak steps, with a makeshift walking stick (an umbrella). Many buses were plying that street so i held her arm and led her through the traffic. 

Charles Darwin's walking stick. Just thought it was interesting. 

Holding to her arm reminded me so much of my own grandmother. The same old loose skinfold with almost no discernible flesh below, but the muscles would defiantly taut with strength when they support themselves against the walking aid before making another step forward. 

Lots of old people in Singapore use umbrella instead of a proper walking stick. Some worry about the perceived stigma of carrying a walking stick. The old lady i met just liked it for the light weight frame, just like Rihanna. 

Every single step was huge effort to them. It just reminded me of how much i took my own youth for granted. It was also inspiring that despite their frailty for marauding age, they persisted in being as independent as they could. 

But whatever it is umbrellas are not made to bear the stress of human weight. It will be quite tragic if it breaks; these old folks will get a fracture or two for sure.  

But just lend a hand anyway when you see these old people crossing the street ya. 

There are walking stick in an umbrella's disguise out there. Let those who need them know of this option. 


Michael Chick said...

Just saw your posting....

FYI, Guardian Pharmacy sells nice looking walking-stick-umbrellas. Cost is SG$12.90 each. Dark Blue, Red, and many other patterns... Go check it out. Not all have stock though. The Orchard Centre, and Far East Plaza does. I bought mine from the Toa Payoh branch. Also check out the adjustable ones. So far, I only see them on UK sites....

Just my 2 cents

CJ said...

Thanks Michael for the heads up!