Thursday, June 19, 2008

Life Is Fragile

(taken from her blog)

This is heart wrenching. 

We live our lives as if tomorrow is nothing short of a certainty. 
We scoff at people who teaches us to treasure every moment and live it to the fullest. 
We laugh at the teaching of impermanence of everything. 
We wait, and we say another day. A better time. 

Some people's tomorrow never come.
And we usually are ignorant about it. 

Remember the young trainee pilot, Clifton Lam, who collapsed and died in Brunei while undergoing jungle training?

Read the blog entry dated 18th June of his girlfriend, and mourn for the loss of a life unrealised. 


It was only awhile ago we last talked,
it was merely 11 days ago i last heard him on the phone,
his comforting words, assurance that he'll be back very soon,
we talked for awhile, us saying how much we missed
each others presence, hugs and kisses,
him sharing his days there, him telling me his going into the jungle,
him saying he'll be not be contactable for the next 4 days,
him telling me not to be worried, not to miss him, he'll do the missing . .

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