Monday, June 9, 2008

Just For Laughs #5

Came across this last week when i was doing my little part in the great Water Cycle.

Singapore Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong drinks NEWater

Senior Minister Goh doing his part in the great neWater Cycle too. The other end of the spectrum though. Only in Singapore!


Some doctor came later the day and tried to be cheeky.  


The reply came swiftly. 

The way that best suits your 'equipment' to achieve the desired result of the art of perfect urination. 

The other use of THE equipment. Can you see the dog's expression! 

What are your thoughts on pee-stained toilet seats?

Here are some other 'artworks' in the toilets. 

Such wisdom! (Really.) Unfortunately I couldn't make out the replies. 
*Here's a great read for everyone who has an opinion on religions. If you don't, formulate one then go read. Thanks to Pacey for sharing.

Hmm... That's really... subtle.

Don't laugh! Why are you making fun of serious efforts to conserve the environment. Tsk tsk.  

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