Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Boring Blog

My blog reflects the true boring state of mine. How so? 

1. Not talented enough in photography so i always end up lifting relevant pictures from Google Images. 

Relevant to me right? Heh. (from Hold Your Stick Steady Ya!)

2. Can't paint at all so i use other people's masterpieces. 

Someone actually searched for 'fat naked lady'  images  and ended up in this entry in my blog. Haha such fetishes. 

3. No enemies in life to flame on my blog. But even if i do, i doubt i have the balls. 

Eh i am not asking anyone to blast them ok? But i will be eternally grateful for that. (lifted from this blog)

Hey i do have balls ok? I will need these for contact sports. 

If you really have to ask. it's The Hog.  

4. Lack the relevant anatomy to post up sexy pictures of my own. 

Sexy babes
You know, i have always envied those photographers. Best job on earth. Now that's getting paid doing a job you love. 

5. No cash to eat at fancy places that i can write about.

At your service: as the restaurant trundles through Melbourne last night, waiter Joe Allagona takes orders for dinner. This is meals on wheels, high-class, W-class all the way.

6. No money to travel around and make you envy. 

This is taken on Penang Hill. No fancy Eurotrip

7. Grown too old to write teenager's angsty rants about how somebody pissed me off by doing absolutely nothing. 

This one has potential. Look forward to her blog. 

8. Not old enough to dispense wisdom. 

Wise Old Man too dirty busy at the moment. 

9. No *ahem romps to chronicle about. Unlike THE hustler (be warned: mature content) 

Research assistant, anyone?

10. Not in an industry where i can blog about my work and not get into trouble. 

The book started from this great blog. Go read. 

11. No pet to take cute photos with and blog about. No, my Almighty is not a pet ok? Because she will kill starve me if i say so. 

Heather Clem calendar  picture
I wonder which pet shop she hails from. Gonna pay a visit some day. 

12. Not enough time for anything in life. 

Argh another day gone!!!!

That's why. I really wonder why you are reading my blog. Seriously...


Anyway i started typing this entry wanting to inform you guys about the new Snapshots functionality that i added to all the links on my blog. You should have noticed by now the sometimes irritating bubbles. 

But since i use so much outside content for my blog i guess this is a good addition to us all, and potentially can save some time of yours.

Here's a little information on how it can be utilised even better. 

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