Thursday, July 3, 2008


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I don't mean my fertility. I mean my blog lah...

I am so drained. 

I am fine but am just so damn tired juggling everything. Everyday is now so jam-packed that i have almost no time for myself. 

A typical day now is extremely regimented and starts at 6am sharp. Gotta get ready to leave by 6.45am. 

Ward round starts at 7.30am and am expected to be present (but at least they kinda involve me and grill me on and off, which is good). After the rounds i will head straight to work at CTVS department to crunch in data to obtain Euroscores. 

Yeah they scored at the Euro 2008 but you really don't want to score too much at my kind of Euroscore

I know Euroscore sounds awfully european football but there's nothing exciting about it. It is some statistical analysis of a patient's risk in open heart surgery. And i have awfully a lot of patients data to process. 

But at least i am getting paid, and the hours are extremely flexible so i am not complaining. 

Apart from the time to attend tutorial, lunch, or clerking patients on my own, i am always there in the department working on the numbers. So nowadays everyday feels really like a working day. And at the end of the day, i feel as if i am as tired as everyone else who really work the entire day. 

My footsteps are slow and heavy. My eyes are dim. Like a zombie. 

Walking zombie. I like this kind.   

The worst part comes after i arrive at home. I still have to study for my finals. 

And i have absolutely no energy left to study. Haha. 

And gone are the days when i stay up till 3am to study. Now i fall asleep soundly exactly at 12am everyday. 

So please bear with me if you find this blog to be very barren ok? 

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