Monday, July 21, 2008

Do You Offer Your Seat?

Please offer your seat to old folks who would not tolerate a bumpy ride as well as you. 

I was on this shuttle bus to the MRT station when i saw that. 

3 boys in their late adolescence pretending not to see an old lady who had to endure the entire bus journey, who was standing right next to them, clutching desperately at a handle that was too high for her reach. 

They had the audacity to slump on their lazy bums while letting a frail old grandma suffer the bumpy ride on her knees that were wrecked by osteoarthritis...

Shame on you, kids. 

I am guilty as well. I should have lashed out at these imbeciles. Such disrespect. Such thoughtlessness!

*I offered my seat to another lady. Unfortunately my ass is not big enough to occupy 2 seats. Otherwise i would graciously offer the poor lady as well. 

What it would take... 

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