Thursday, July 17, 2008

Penang in Year 1986

I miss Penang Hill

Was surprised to find out that one colleague of mine in the department i work in has some ties to the little island i call home. 

His grandfather had migrated to Penang many years ago from Tamil Nadu, and over the years he was elected a Member of the Parliament for Datuk Keramat area, and was subsequently conferred a Datukship. Really impressive. 

While he remained with his families in Tamil Nadu, he had visited Penang many times. 

He has seen the ups and downs of Penang, he claimed.  

Penang in Year 1986 was comparable to Singapore. It was as impressive, as inspiring, and full of promise in his eyes. 

He came back 10 years later, only to discover that Penang has lost its allure. 

He is going to Penang to take his postgraduate exam next month. I am waiting for his assessment. 

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