Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mercedes Saves You More Money Than Proton Would!

* Recently i have been tormenting my clinical groupmates with Malaysian politics over lunch. It just never fails to make them erupt in frenzied laughter. The antics are always darn funny. Here's the latest one.

Even the orang utans are put to shame by their antics

The latest talk in town was Terengganu State Government's purchase of a fleet of Mercedes Benz for the State Executive Councillors. 

(source: The Star)

Well, i really don't care if they buy Mercedes or beamers. They can even buy Bentleys, as long as they do their job (properly) and deliver. Any self-respecting corporations would provide progressively better rides for their executives up the hierarchy. Good results should be remunerated with just rewards. Otherwise there would be no incentives to work their ass off hard, right? 

But these buffoons just have to mess it up. 

So, getting a Mercedes is more economical, in the long run, than our good old Proton Perdana V6. Really?

Hmm, i get what he meant. You see, if you are chauffeured in a Mercedes, you don't have to do long-distance journeys anymore. Everybody will come driving to them instead! 

But wait, they are getting new rides, not new breast implants right? New rides won't do that magic bit... 

Anyway, last i checked (heh), the cost of maintenance goes up as the car gets more expensive, not the other way round. Well well. 

Oh wait! He really has a point there. Those Mercedes do have more durable gearboxes. 

But firstly i can't understand why the gearboxes needed to be replaced twice. Probably they had some Schumacher-wannabe moonlighting as chauffeur, racing down the expressway at breakneck speed and executing drifts ala Too Fast Too Furious style on a daily basis. 

Sup Gearbox. The only gearbox that needs regular replacement. 

But wait, a Perdana (RM120000k?) + repairs costing RM50000 = RM170000 is still half the price of what they had paid for a Mercedes E Class. 

And who the hell repairs a car for RM50000? Unless you repair your wallet at the same time too. You know, claimable expenses. You know, Ah Kong's account. You know, Malaysian politicians. 

Oooh.... Mercedes save you fuel costs... That's like saying showering using a fire hydrant saves you water bill. Come on...

Yes you can fetch a high price, but how much is the loss? Selling a second hand Mercedes at RM150k, you still lose RM195k. If you give away that pathetic Perdana V6 for free, your loss is only RM120k. 

The only far-sightedness i could detect is that of a medical issue. 

Yeah right, I am sure. I hope the angles that linger in his mind aren't all curves. 

More likely this, right?

As if it's not tax-payers' money if it didn't come from oil royalties. 

Is it just me, or you too feel that all those BN politicians are treating us like idiots? 

The more i think about it the more incensed i become...

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