Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Clean/Neat Freak That I Am

I have been memorizing the location of visible specks of dirt on the floor at home for some time. Not by choice though, the dirts just leave imprints in my mind naturally. 

Everyday i have been visually confirming their existence everytime i move around the house. They are essentially invisible, however my cursed eyes pick them up readily, and they do irritate me. 

But i was training myself to get used to them. I have to. 

Now that i am staying with my friends in an apartment, we have to calibrate our expectations. I can't go about cleaning the house everyday, or demand them to do that all the time. 

Come to think about it, it must really be a pain to stay with a freak like me.

I have never thought of myself being any different from everyone else all my life, till i came to university and lived in a dorm, then i started getting 'Keep Clean' door tag and getting called OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder, think the woman who frantically and repeatedly wiping an already clean table in some movie. For some reason people here think of me that way)

Anyway after staring at the specks of dust and trying to get used to living with them harmoniously for some time, i gave up. 

I swept the whole house again today. Really messed up i am. 

But there' still hope. 

This still appeals to me. Hehe. 

courtney cox

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