Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dried Up

So dry... (Dam near Horsham, Australia)

I flipped open my wallet that had accompanied me for the past 7 years, revealing only 2 pathetic pieces of notes. Unwilling to believe the barrenness, i proceeded to check the other compartments of the wallet, knowing full well that i had never misplaced notes in my wallet. 

'Ah... No more,' I exhaled.

My finances was drying up fast, especially with the extra expenses of moving into a new house, both anticipated and unanticipated. And gosh the unanticipated ones were numerous.  

As a result of the severe murderous financial drought, the balance in my bank account plunge progressively, resembling more and more of a critically dried up lake by the days. The lake that was supposed to nourish me through my university years. 

But NUH paid me my part-time wages today! 

Haha. The exhilaration at seeing the number reflected on my bank balance today was just otherworldly. I was totally thrilled by that sum of money, albeit only peanuts. 

One more hurdle overcome! 

*Don't worry as I have sorted out my financial woes. This dried-up-lake phenomenon should not repeat itself. 


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